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Carrie works as a freelance artist and was a principal dancer with the Martha Graham Dance Company.


She has performed leading roles such as Jocasta in “Night Journey”, Helen of Troy in “Clytemnestra”, Lamentation, Deep Song, Pioneering Woman in “Appalachian Spring”, Deaths and Entrances, Chronicle, Circe, Cave of the Heart, Embattled Garden, Diversion of Angels, Maple Leaf Rag, and many more. 

Carrie has worked with other prominent artists/collaborators such as Kanopy Dance with Steve Wasson & Corrine Soum of Theatre De L’ange Fou, Ryan McNamara, Annie B. Parsons, Deborah Zall. Buglisi Dance Theatre, Katarzyna Skarpetowska who created the solo “Zjawa” for her, GloATL/Lauri Stallings in “Livers Remix”, 360 Dance, Aszure Barton, Larry Kegwin, Josie Moseley, and Lar Lubovitch in the “Lamentation Variations”, Martha Clarke in “Sueno”, Pascal Rioult, Philadanco, Siti Company in collaboration with the Martha Graham Dance Company in “American Document”, Robert Wilson’s “Snow on the Mesa,” Lou Diamond Philips, Guy Stroman, and Susan Kikuchi in “The King and I.”


Carrie continues to seek out new opportunities to cultivate her artistry by working with original, creative, and experimental artists in the dance world and beyond.  Contact for availability.


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